SBI Share अब आएगी तेजी जल्दी खरिदे। SBI quarter 3 Result announce|

SBI announced on 05 February 2022 its Quarter 03 Result and 62% Net Profit.

In the announcement of SBI their Profit is 8431.1 Cr. This is more than their estimated Profit.

SBI estimate profit or their expectation is only 7957.4 Cr. But more than the Estimate. 

Today SBI share  trade on 530.30 Rs. The volume is very high. 

एक साल पहले की अवधि में 2,290 करोड़ रुपये से बढ़कर 3,096 करोड़ रुपये हो गया।

SBI Announced that in this quarter their overall growth is 8.5%.

SBI Announced that in this quarter their Home loan growth is 11.2 %

So this is the time to invest in SBI as per their Q3 result. SO you can invest with carefully. 

Please visit the Plans of SBI which is given blow. You may like it.