Moon Knight | Review: A Mind Bendingly Strong Beginning For ‘Moon Knight’

In Marvel's uneven 'Moon Knight,' Oscar Isaac waxes and wanes

Whenever a creator busts it out, they're knowingly inviting the audience's frustration — in fact, they're using it, to drive the story.

In Marvel's Moon Knight, Steven Grant (Oscar Isaac), the meek museum gift-shop clerk who learns that his 

sleepwalking condition is more a sleep murdering condition, is your classic Option 2 kind of guy.

In regard to Ethan Hawke’s performance as Arthur Harrow, he is calm, persuasive, and has a charisma

I don’t think this is by accident as there are moments throughout that feel a little bit like The Mummy or Indiana Jones.

Moon Knight, though a Marvel Universe series, maintains a narrow, almost hermetic focus on the Steven/Marc dynamic in its early episodes

Marvel and Disney+ continue to delight and amaze viewers with their series and the upcoming 

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