Montserrat Caballe: Why Google honours her today

She was known internationally and reached opera stardom during her lifetime.

Her name became known among non-classical fans in 1987, when she duetted with Queen frontman Freddie Mercury on the song Barcelona.

It brought chart success for the opera singer across Europe, reaching No8 in the UK singles chart.

They performed the song at Freddie’s last concert, at the La Nit Festival in Barcelona in 1988.

It went on to become the anthem for the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992,

However a planned performance of the song at the Olympics was canceled after Freddie died in 1991.

She continued performing until she was 80, when health problems forced her to retire from the stage.

Caballé married fellow opera star Bernabé Martí in 1964 and they remained together until her death on October 6, 2018, at the age of 85.

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