Basic picture quiz 2022 | Best knowledge From Picture Quiz|

Picture Quiz is the important part of learning. From the image everyone can learnt easily because when we se an image. We starts collecting information from that image. Here we have some Picture Quiz for friends. You can also share the with your friends and family.

1. What is the name of this animal in this image with Girl Kid?

picture quiz


2. Name the country that belongs to this image ?

this image is about the great wall of china


3. Identify the picture belongs to which Historical Building ?

india gate picture


4. This Logo is belongs to which International Company ?

Ferrari company logo



5. Identify the Bird shown in the Picture, What is it ? 

picture of owl , picture quiz


6. Who is the  CEO  of Facebook ?

image of face book, picture quiz


7. This logo is belongs to which automobile Company ?

this is the logo of volkswagen automobile company , picture quiz


8. The new super Sonic aircraft of Bhartiya Vayu Sena Named ?

Rafale the supersonic aircraft, picture quiz


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