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I hope form this website you can get some important examples of past continuous tense.In this article, we are going to discuss the 100 most important examples of past continuous tense. All these examples are in Hindi and English language.

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Past Continuous Tense Examples, show the past tense.
Past Continuous Tense Examples

All of these examples are in different forms like positive, negative, and interrogative. You can also read more about Present Tense in Detail.

Past Continuous Tense Definition 

When a tense is used to show that an action or task was in progress or incomplete in the past, it is known as Past continuous tense.

Example– He was preparing for the CDS exam.

Structure formula of past continuous tense – Sub + was/ were (HV) + Verb + ing + Object.

Use of was/ were in past continuous tense is simple and easy. Was/ were is helping verb and helping verb is always used according to the Subject.

If your subject is singular Noun (I, He, She, It) then we will use Was, and if your Subject is plural Noun (They, You, We ) then we will use Were as a helping verb.

There are four types of sentences in Past continuous tense.

  1. Simple sentences
  2. Negative Sentences
  3. Interrogative Sentences
  4. Interrogative Negative Sentence

Past Continuous tense Examples

This is our main section which is related to your need. In this section, we are going to discuss the Past continuous tense examples.

As all, we know that there are four types of examples of past continuous tense like positive examples, negative examples, Interrogative examples, and Interrogative negative examples.

Past continuous tense examples,
Past continuous tense examples

Past continuous tense examples Simple sentences positive examples

Here we have a list of examples of past continuous tense. All examples are prepared by an on www.readgk.com and all of these examples are positive sentence examples.

Now we are going to start the list of past continuous tense examples.

  1. He was reading past continuous tense examples.
  2. They were searching Past continuous tense in google.
  3. I was working in the Indian Army.
  4. She was playing Cricket.
  5. He was writing a message.
  6. She was helping homeless people.
  7. Rahul was making a painting of Budda.
  8. I was buying this Gift for my daughter.
  9. We were bathing in the pond when it was ringing.
  10. They were calling me on my Anniversary.
  11. My Brother was investing money in Mutual Funds.
  12. He was solving this science Puzzle.
  13. She was going to Japan for Higher study.
  14. When I saw him, he was playing chess.
  15. I was writing a post when he came to my home.
  16. Dev was sleeping when I knocked at his door.
  17. While I was watching TV my mother was sleeping.
  18. The nurse was giving an injection when the patient was dying.
  19. You were purchasing mangos from the market.
  20. You were running on the running track.

Past continuous tense examples in Negative Sentences

Past continuous tense example in negative form is very easy and simple.

To make this type example we need to use Subject + was/ were + not + V1 + ing + object. Important thing is that Not is always used at 3ed place in any example. To read more about the Negative examples of Past continuous tense.

  1. He was not going to the USA.
  2. You were not reacting to my mistakes.
  3. I was not buying this Gift for my daughter.
  4. He was not calling me on my birthday.
  5. My father was not investing money in the Share Market.
  6. He was not writing the chemistry equation formula.
  7. China was not launching a space mission.
  8. Seeta was not listening to the music.
  9. I was not going to the festival.
  10. Sam was not watering to the Garden.

Past Continuous Tense examples of Interrogative Sentences

Examples of interrogative sentences are made by using ‘Was/ were’. Interrogative sentences are those sentences in there is ask some question in the past time. Read More About Past indefinite Tense in Hindi.

Here we have passed continuous tense examples are given.

Formula– Was/ were + sub + v1 + ing + object.

  1. Was he solving this math numerical.
  2. Was India launching moon Mission.
  3. Were they making this hotel.
  4. Was she preparing for the CDS exam.
  5. Was he climbing Mount Everest.
  6. Was I running on the road.
  7. Was Seeta milking the cow.
  8. Why were you running yesterday?
  9. Who was clawing?
  10. Was he laughing?
  11. were we going together?
  12. Were they going to watcha a movie?
  13. Were they knocking at the door?
  14. Was Deva playing the kho – kho?
  15. Was the painter painting a picture?
  16. Was he selling the Fruits?
  17. Was cat drinking the milk?
  18. Was he crying?
  19. Was he driving a car?
  20. Was she reading a facts book?

Examples of interrogative negative Sentences

Here in this section, we have a list of past continuous tense examples of interrogative sentences. all sentences are in negative form. Lets starts the examples.

  1. Was he not playing football with his Grandfather.
  2. Were they not sketching Subhash Chandra Bose.
  3. Was she not following his hobby.
  4. Was Rahul not taking a loan from SBI.
  5. Were you not working in the field with your Father.
  6. Were students not participating in the Annual day function.
  7. Was he not calculating this Question.
  8. Was she not passing the Ganga river.
  9. Was Apple not making iPhone4.
  10. Were they not preparing for the Indian Army.
  11. Was Mohan not telling a lie?
  12. Were you not Abusing me?
  13. Was Ram not reaching Delhi Station?
  14. Was he not helping the poor in the temple?
  15. Was he not flying a kite?
  16. Was she not posting my letter?
  17. Was peon not ringing the bell?
  18. Were Children not cleaning the school?
  19. Was Rocky not learning the Yoga.
  20. Was he not focusing on his Math subject.

Final words

Once again welcome you all. I made my full effort to make you understand about Past tense. I hope you all like this article. If you like this article please show your love and support in comment box.

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