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Modern Olympic games held in Athens, Greece in 1896.These games were started after a long time so in these Olympic games there are less amount of Nations took part. There are only 14 country took part in different events. There are some game which are not the part of Olympic like Football and cricket. In this article we will study some important Olympic game related questions and answer. These question and answer are important for competitive exams.

List of Modern Olympic games Event

In 1896 there are large number of events . There are total 43 events in all field of game like Athletics, Cycling, Fencing, Shooting, Swimming, Tennis, Weightlifting, Wrestling .And the total number of sports are 09.

AthleticsIn this Olympic there are 12 Events were held and total and total 25 medals were awarded to the athletes .
Cycling Two type of events were held like Road and Trip
Shooting There five events and 71 shooter took part in it.
Swimming Total 13 swimmer and 3 country took part
Tennis02 Tennis events and both for man.
Weightlifting07 players and 02 event are there.
Wrestling 01 Event and 05 player took part.
List of Event In Modern Olympic

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Participation Nations

In modern Olympic games there are 14 country were representing their nation. All nations shown their sports sprit . The complete list of nation who took part in these games is given blow.

08Great Britain
14United States
Participating Country In Modern Olympic Games

Medal Table of Modern Olympic

In this Olympic the participating countries are 14 but only 10 country earn their name in medal table. To make easy to understand we have draw a table of medal tally.

01 United States 11070220
02 Greece 10181947
03 Germany 05060213
04 France 05040211
05 Great Britain 02030207
06 Hungary 02010306
07 Austria 02010205
08 Australia 02000002
09 Denmark 01020306
10 Switzerland 01020003
Medal table

Some Important Question

Here we have some question related to Olympic games. These question are most important for competitive exam.

Q1. When was first Olympic day celebrated ?

Ans. The first international day was celebrated on 23 June 1948 .

Q2.First Indian women who won first Olympic medal ?

Ans. Karnam Malleswari won the first Bronze medal for Indian in Sydney 2000 Olympic game. She was representing India in weight lifting. She lifted in this game 110 kg by snatch and 130 kg by clean.

Q3. Who won first gold for India in Olympic games ?

Ans Soorma the first Indian Field Hockey Team won the first gold medal for India.

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