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Inventions and Discoveries is an important topic to learn about the old and latest invention . In this article we can also learn about famous discoveries around the world like invention of plane, Computer, Plane, Internet, Atom and atomic bomb. We can also read their invention dates also. Read also about the time . How much took for the discovery. Also read about famous innovation around world.

Invention and discovery ,Inventions and Discoveries
Invention and discovery

Famous Inventions and Discoveries List :

  1. Discovery of Gravity
  2. Atomic Bomb
  3. Discovery of Dynamite

1. Discovery of Gravity

The gravity was discovered by Newton . He is an English mathematician of England. He discovered the gravity. When he saw an apple falling from the tree . Then he got the idea of gravity . How an apple comes towards the earth . Why it come down. Why it is not goes upward . This is happening just because of gravitational force.

2. Discovery and invention of Atomic Bomb

Atomic bomb is the greatest discovery of Science. Atomic bomb was invented in 1944 by J. Robert Oppenheimer. In the list of famous invention this is the best invention ever because after invention this bomb , the is so easy for any country. During world war -II the atomic bomb was used.

3. Discovery of Dynamite

Dynamite is also an famous innovation of science. Because dynamite was invented by Alfred Nobel in 1980.

Inventions and discoveries Quiz

Now here you can check you knowledge. Because this is the last part of our article. Now we are going to start our Quiz. This famous innovation quiz contain some important question regarding the competitive exams.

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