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Indian Defence Gk is an important topic for all students because they are preparing for the exams. Like the Indian army Bharti, preparing for NDA, CDS, and all other exams. It is necessary to have enough knowledge about the Defence gk. Students always looking for the Indian defense gk PDF.

Indian Defence Gk, Indian Defence Gk
Indian Defence Gk

Because if get all data in pdf form they can easily prepare for their exams. So this is the right place to download the Indian defense gk pdf. In this entire post, students can read also defense current affairs 2021. Because if can read all current affairs you can improve your defense-related knowledge.

Indian Defence Gk

In this article, we are discussing all three forces like Indian Army, Indian Navy, Indian Air Force defense ministry also. If you want to know all modern changes in the weapon system in the defense system then this is the right article for you. You can also read many questions about the Indian defense deals. Because the deals are important for the future of India.

They are also important for your exams because many questions maybe ask from that portion. In this article, there is detail information about the Indian defence structure. Also, read about the Rafale fighter jet and its capabilities. Because it is necessary to know about its speed, its length, weight and the company name, Indian Defence Gk.

Indain Defence Gk Qusetion & Answer

Now, this is the complete set of questions and answer . You can see the variety of question all of these questions are from different fields of Indian defence gk.

1 Who is the defense minister of India?

Rajnath Singh

2              Who is called Napoleon of India?


3              Name the first Indian Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army after independence ?

Gen. K.M. Cariappa

4              You give me blood, I will give you freedom Whose slogan was that?

Subhash Chandra Bose

5              Tri Services Command is located at?

Andaman –Nicobar

6              Who is the voice chief of Indian Army?

Lt. General Chandi Prasad Mohanty

7              Full form of CDS.

Chief of Defence Staff

8              Who was the first PVC winner?

Major Somnath Sharma (03 Nov 1947)

9              What is the motto of Indian Army?          

Service Before self

10           Army Day is celebrated on ?

15 Jan (Every year)

11           How many command are there in Indian army ?


12           Where is the Head quarter of Indian Army ?

                New Delhi

13           Which is largest contonment in india ?


14           What is highest military honour of India ?

                Param Vir Chakra

15           How many Gallantry Awards are in India?


16.          When was Param Vir Chakra First Introduced?

                26 Jan 1950

17           What is the full form of INS ?

                Indian Navel Ship

18           Name the Nuclear-Powered Submarine of India?

                INS Arihant

19           Write down the full name of INSAS ?

                Indian Small Arms System

20           Which Organization Manufactures Arms and Weapons for the Indian Army?

                OFB (Ordinance factory board)

21           Full form of LOC ?

                Line of Control

22           What is the India-Pakistan Border Line called?


23           What is the India-China Border Line called?

                McMohan line

24           What is the colour of the Wheel in the Middle of the Indian Flag?

                Blue (Neela)

25            Where is National Defence Academy?


26           Who was the First Cricketer to Achieve the Honorary Rank of Lieutenant Colonel?

                Kapil  Dev

27           Where is the Indian Military Academy situated?


28           Which Year did the First World War Start?


29           Who was the Prime Minister of India during Indo-Pak 1965 War?

                Lal Bahadur Sastri

30           When did Kargil War took place?


More Important Question on Indian Defence

Indian Defence Gk In Hindi min
Indian Defence gk in Hindi

31           Where did the First Five IAF Rafales Arrive?

                Air force station Ambala

32           Where was the First Stop of the 2 Stages of IAF Rafales from France to India?

                Abu Dhabi

33           What is the speed of IAF Rafale ?

                1920 K/h

34           Rafale aircraft is being acquired from –


35           Rafale fighter aircraft is designed & built by which company ?

                Dassault Aviation 

36           How many Rafale India bought from France? 

`               36

37           When was Rafale deal signed? 

23rd Sep 2016

38           Rafale is equipped with which missile system? 

                SCALP CRUISE MISSILE

 39          36 Rafale deal cost between India and France ?

                59,000 Crore

40           Rafale is considered as the…………. generation aircraft. 

                4.5 generation

41           When was Surgical Strike done by India?

                29 Sep 2016

42           Who was the First Defense Minister of India?

                Baldev Singh

43           Who is known as the “Missile Man” of India?

                Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

44           Which is the Oldest Paramilitary Force in India?

                Assam Rifles

45           Where is the Headquarter of DRDO.

                New Delhi

46           Which is the Highest Battlefield in the World?

                Siachen Glaciers

47           How many entries are there for jawan to become an officer in Indian Army


48           What is the full form of ACC ?

                Army Cadet College

49           What is the full form of  YLC ?

                Young Leader Course

56           What is the full form of NSG ?

                National Security Guard

57           Slogan of NSG________

                Sarvatra Sarvottam Suraksha

58           Daulat Beg oldie is located at …….


59           College of defence management is located at ?


60           Commando unit in Indian Air force is named ?


61           Agni-V missile has a range of about –

                5000 km

62           The HQ of Southern command is located at ?


63           Gagan Shakti is a military exercise conducted by the –

                Indian Air Force

64           Frequency of SCO Commission___________

                Twice in a year

65           How many chance are there for ACC commission ?


66           Full form of RIMC ?

                Rashtriya Indian Military College

67           What is the Basic Pay of a Jawan according to 7th Pay commission ?

                21700 /-

68           Full form of HRA _____

                House Rent allowance

69           Total no of sainik school are there across india?


70           Full form of RMS ?

                 Rashtriya Military School

71           How many Rashtriya military school are there across India ?


72           Full form of AGIF ?

                Army Group Insurance Fund

73           Full form of AWL

                Absent Without Leave

74           Full form of RAW ?

                Research and Analysis Wing

75           Current chief of RAW____

                Samant Goel

76           Total no of Regiments in Army Air defence Corps .


77           Which is the first Strike Corps of Indian Army

17 Corps

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