Indian Culture Gk in hindi | Best 1000 + Question Answer latest 2022 |

Indian Culture Gk in Hindi question are most important for the student because it has a separate part of question your exam. In this article, we are going to discuss the Indian culture gk in Hindi like Cultural Fort in India, Museums, Wars, Constitution of India, Historic cities of India, Indian holy books and its writer, Religious sites in India.

Indian culture gk in Hindi,
Indian Culture Gk in Hindi

Structure of Indian Culture

Indian Culture department comes under Central government of Indian. Now we knew about the important appointment of the ministry of culture. Because it is very easy to understand the structure of culture. Indian Culture Gk in hindi

01Central Minister of CultureShri G Kishan Reddy (Read More)
02Minister of state CultureArjun Ram Meghwal
03 Minister of state Culture Smti. Meenakshi Lekhi
Ministry of culture

Schemes For Development Indian Culture Gk in hindi

Many schemes are run by the Indian Government of India for the development of Indian culture. Because if our government-run these schemes the Indian culture will improve and get a remarkable position in the world. The culture of India gk is an important part of our study also. Because if we read Indian culture then we can also improve our Indian culture Gk.

List of Schemes

  1. Seva Bhoj Yojna’s latest scheme for Indian culture.
  2. Promotion of Art and culture by Ministry of culture.
  3. Creation of cultural infrastructure by the ministry of culture.
  4. Museum Grant scheme.
  5. The facility of medical and Pension for Artists.
  6. Awards Scheme.
Indian Culture Gk in hindi
Indian Culture Gk in hindi

Complete List and PDF of Indian Cultural GK in Hindi

In which festival boat races is a special feature?Onam
The great musician Tansen was in the court of ?Akbar
Pungi is popular dance of which state ? Himachal Pradesh
Oldest musical instrumentVeena
World’s largest human gatheringIndian Kumbh Mela
Tallest statue in the worldStatue of unity
Statue of unity is dedicated toSardar vallb bhai patel
Statue of unity is situated atGujrat
Hight of statue of unity597 Feet
Estimated cost of statue of unityRs 2989 Cr
Most Classical dance in IndiaBihu
How many Vedas in Indian Culture04
Geet Govind is written in which language ?Sanskrit Lnguage
Headquarters of Sahitya Akademi नई दिल्ली
Kumbh Mela held after12 years
Panchatantra written by विष्णु शर्मा
Name of India derived from सिंधु
18 Days battle Kurukshetra
Gateway of India is atMumbai
Red fort of Agra made byAkbar
Longest epic of the world Mahabharata
Birth place of Guru Nanak Nankana Sahib
Pancha Mahal is atFatehpur Sikri
Hornbill festival is celebrated inNagaland
Prince of Bhangra Sukhbir
The Black Pagoda Konark Sun Temple
Bhangra is dance of which Indian state Punjab
India’s first Centre for Animal Law Telangana
Tirupati temple is situated atAndhra Pradesh
Who composed Saare Jaha se Achha Md Iqubal
The popular dance of GujaratDandia
Dum Aloo dish is popular dish ofKashmir
The famous Sun Temple is located Orissa
Sangeet Natak Akademi is atNew Delhi
Ghoomar is the famous dance of Rajasthan
Number of asanas are in Surya namaskar process 12
Name the writer of Natya ShastraBharat Muni
Who wrote the book Ramayana Maharshi Valmiki
Holy book of Muslim Quran
Mina tribe is belongs to stateRajasthan
Ragini is a famous songHaryana
Who built Khalsa Guru Govind Singh
The father of JainismMahavira
First Sanskrit film produced in India Adi Sankara
Who banned the forceful religious conversionsTamil Nadu
What is the divorce rate in India1%
Best Shehnai player in Indian Culture Ustad Bismillah Khan
Best Tabla player in India Zakir Hussain
City of Nawabs Lucknow
Akshardham Temple is located at the cityNew Delhi
Which city is known as Cultural City of India ? Kolkata
The word ‘Satyameva Jayate’ taken from ?Mundak Upnishad
According Hindus which God is the Creator of Universe ? Brahma
Which city is known as ‘Garden city of India? Bangalore
White color of National flag is a symbol of ?Peace
National School of Drama is located at ?New Delhi
What is the height of Qutub Minar ?73 m
What is the full form of PSLV? .Polar Satellite Launching Vehicle
Who is the first Vice President of India? S Radha Krishnan
When do India conducted first nuclear test? 18 May 1974
Longest railway platform in the world?Kharagpur station, West Bengal
Who is the Missile man of India? APJ Abdul Kalam
Who is the First Indian to win Nobel Prize? Rabindranath Tagore
Who is the general secretary of United Nations General Assembly?Antonio Gutters

What is the highest civilian award in India?
Bharat Ratna
Who won the first Bharat Ratna award? Chandra shekhara Venkit Raman
Name the classical dance of Odisha?Odissi
In which year battle of Plassey was fought1757
Voters day in India?25 January
How many classical languages are there in India?06
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Indian Culture gk in Hindi Important question

Here we have some important questions which are related to Indian culture. These questions are also provided in Pdf form. You can download them through the link which is given below.

Q. भगवान बुद्ध को ज्ञान की प्राप्ति कहा पर हुइ थी ?

बौध गया

From Author to Download Indian culture gk in Hindi PDF

For the better study of Indian culture gk in Hindi, you can also download the Indian culture gk pdf Hindi because if have this pdf you can continue your preparation for any exam. In my view, this is the complete bank of Indian culture question with an answer. Because in this bank you get all types of questions for the exam. If you download the Indian culture gk question pdf please click on the link which is given below.

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