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Haryana gk is an important topic form competitive exams. To grow and improve your knowledge about Haryana GK. Here we have a question and answer bank. In this question bank we have more 500 question. We have free haryana gk pdf . You can download this pdf in one click only. All including haryana gk question are latest and updated. In this article you an also check your knowledge about you state. To check your knowledge you need to take quiz . This quiz take only five min. This test depend upon the logical and facts.

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Haryana Gk

In this article of Haryana we are going to read about many facts of state. Like e-services, politics , Sports , education , tourism places , Government of Haryana.

Haryana GK About its District

Haryana is located in the northern part of our country. There are 22 district in haryana state. The capital of India, New Delhi is very close to haryana. The list of district of Haryana is updated and given blow.

SAEAL Haryana e-services 

This is a Haryana govt Portal to make state more digital. Saral is launched by CM Manohar Lal. In this portal there are more than 380 e- services are add for the comfort of public. In this SARAL Portal 573 services of 42 departments are added.

GK about Politics of Haryana

Ruling party of this state Is Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP). The chief minister of haryana is Manohar Lal Khattar . Total no. of MLA in haryana is 90 and their of work 5 years

Sports of Haryana

Haryana is mostly famous for sports like Wrestling, Boxing, Kho-Kho, Badminton. Most of the medals in Olympic, World Championships, Common Wealth Games had won by haryana Sportsman. Olympic medalist of haryana is Sushil Kumar, Yogeshwer Dutt, S.Malik, Neeraj Chopra, Bajring Piniya, Vijay Dahiya, And others.

Haryana GK question For Competitive Exams

1. Who is Chief Minister of Haryana?

(A) Bhupinder Singh Hooda
(B) Manohar Lal Khattar
(C) Syam Lal Sharma
(D) Anil Vij

Manohar Lal Khattar

2. Who is the deputy CM of Haryana?

(A) Bhupinder Singh Hooda
(B) Dushyant Chautala
(C) Syam Lal Sharma
(D) Anil Vij

Manohar Lal Khattar

Q3. Who is the Governor of Haryana ?

(A) Bhupinder Singh Hooda
(B) Bandaru Dattatraya
(C) Syam Lal Sharma
(D) Anil Vij       

Bandaru Dattatraya

Q4. When Haryana was separated from Punjab?  

(A) 01 Nov 1968
(B) 01 Nov 1966
(C) 01 Nov 1967
(D) 01 Nov 1965           

01 Nov 1966

Q5. Name the capital of Haryana? 

(A) New Delhi
(B) Chandigarh
(C) Kurukshetra
(D) Panipat        


Q6. Who is the speaker of Haryana? 

(A) Syam Lal Sharma
(B) Brij Mohan
(C) Gian Chand Gupta
(D) Raj Kumar   

Gian Chand Gupta

Q.7 Who is the Health Minister of Haryana ?    

(A) Bhupinder Singh Hooda
(B) Bandaru Dattatraya
(C) Syam Lal Sharma
(D) Anil Vij   

Anil Vij

Q.8 Education Minister of Haryana?          

(A) Bhupinder Singh Hooda
(B) Kanwar Pal
(C) Bandaru Dattatraya
(D) Syam Lal Sharma                                 

Kanwar Pal

Q.9 Total population of Haryana?     

(A) 5,53,51,462 Approx
(B) 4,53,51,462 Approx
(C) 3,53,51,462 Approx
(D) 2,53,51,462 Approx                                                                           

2,53,51,462 Approx

Q.10 Literacy rate of Haryana ?                                                                                                                        

(A) 80.78% 
(B) 83.78% 
(C) 75.55% 
(D) 56.78%


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