First in the world List 2022| क्या आपको पता है?

First in the world, all want to know the males and female achievers. you read the complete list of first in the world and download the PDF.

First in the world  is such an important topic which is always discussed because every man or student wants to know what was happened firstly in the world  . Every student is searching about male list of first in world. For the study of general knowledge this is an important topic to learn. Student also looking for the first in world PDF also .

First in the world
First in the World

If you are looking for Pdf . You can downloaded it from hare because if you get tis world in first pdf you can upgrade your knowledge. In this article you can also practice for first in word general quiz.

This post contain all first time happening in the world. In this post we are discussing about males and female who achieve greatest thing in their life. This post is useful for all students those who are preparing for the exam. By reading this article you can improve your world general knowledge.

The updated List of First in the World

For all reader this is the complete list of First in the world. In this list both male and female achiever are include because all of can understand the list completely.

Ser No Achievements Achiever
1Name the first or oldest country Ethiopia
2Name the First love marriage of the universeShiva Parvati
3Which is the first and oldest language of the universeTamil Language
4Marshal Arts were created in which country firstly  India
5First Country gives voting right to women                              New Zealand
6First gold plated opens in which country?                                     Vietnam
7Worlds smallest phone made by                                                                  United kingdom
8First  5G Network in the world?                                                                    High Five
9First Green metro system in the worldDelhi Metro
10First Covid-19 vaccine announced byRussia
11World’s first You Tube videoMe at the Zoo
12First man who made first mobile call in the worldMartin Kapoor
13Which was the first movie theatre Nicke London
14Which country starts the first Metro ServiceUSA
15First women who reached the deepest point of oceanKathy Sullivan (NASA)
16Which country introduced first the ATM England
17First navigation satellite was launched1960
18Which is the worlds oldest universityTakshaila university
19Which is the oldest religion of the universeHindu Religion
20Name the first country who  send a man to the moonUSA
21The first city in the world on which an atomic bomb was dropped Hiroshima
22Who was the first man in the world to go to the moonNeil Armstrong
23Name the first man who made the map of whole earthAnaximander
24First person who reached at the Mount-EverestSir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay
25First person who reached at the North Pole Robert Peary
26First person who reached at the South PoleRoald Amundsen
27Which is the first country in the world to print a bookChina
28First country that issue paper currencyChina
29Which country in the world first started civil serviceChina
30Which is first country in the world to make education compulsoryPrasha
31Which country was the first to win the Football World CupUruguay
32Which is the first country in the world to frame a constitutionUSA
33The first President of the Republic of ChinaDr.  Sanayat Sen
34The first European to reach ChinaMarko polo
35The first governor general of PakistanMuhammad Ali Jinnah
36First President of the United StatesGeorge Washington
37First woman to reach South PoleFrain  Phip (Canada)
38First woman who  reach at North PoleCaroline Mickelson
39First women who reached firstly in spaceValentina Tereshkova
40Name the first Women Prime MinisterS. Bhandar Naik
41Which won first ICC cricket World cupWest Indies
42Which is the first country to send artificial satellite into spaceRussia
43Who built the world’s first airplaneRobert Brother
44Which is the first country to host the modern Olympic GamesGreece
45Name the country that has most population of animalsIndia
46 First woman to climb EverestZuko Tebai (Japan)
47The first woman to reach the continent of AntarcticaCaroline Mickelson

Importance of GK Study

General knowledge study is most important for the student because it improves our metal ability and power of understanding. So we need to follow some basic steps like reading news paper , reading gk books. In this post we have discuss about the general awareness of the worlds first person. firstly if you are preparing for competitive exams .

You need to focus on your study and read general knowledge like indian history, indian polity, Indian geography so you can improve your gk standred . Secondly you must read all current affaires on daily basis. You can also read important incident like First in India, first in the world and longest, oldest, fastest all topics. for your better future and success you can follow our website because we always update our website with new current affaires and latest information.

Important to read :- First in the World

That’s all about from my side . I hope this article is helpful for you because i believe this article gives you some information about First in world gk. Thanks for reading .

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