2023 Best GK question and answer PPT/PDF free| Set 02 |

2023 Best GK question and answer PPT/PDF free| Set 02. Gk questions with answers, gk questions with answers in english, 100 easy general knowledge questions and answers, 100 easy general knowledge questions and answers pdf, gk questions with answers for class 5.


2023 Best GK question and answer PPT/PDF free| Set 02 |

Q01.    Air Force Western Command is located at?

(a)        New Delhi        (b)        Jaipur  (c)        Chandigarh     (d)        Ambala

Q02.    National Security Guard (NSG) was established in which year?

(a)        1985    (b)        1986    (c)        1984    (d)        1989

Q03.    Which is India’s first indigenously designed and nuclear submarine?

(a)        INS Savitri       (b)        INS Chakra     (c)        INS Arihant     (d)        INS Kaveri

Q04.    Noraora Atomic power station is located at?

(a)        Maharastra     (b)        Uttar Pradesh (c)        Rajasthan       (d)        Tamil Nadu

Q67.    Which of the following Freedom Fighter is known as “Punjab Kesari”?

(a)        Bal Gangadhar Tilak                    (b)       Bhagat Singh 

(c)        Sukhdev                                      (d)        Lala Lajpat Rai

Q68.    “VEER GUARDIAN” is a joint exercise conducted in 2023 between India and?

(a)        Japan              (b)        France             (c)        USA                (d)        Russia

Q69.    Name the origin state of Mahanadi river?

(a)        MP                  (b)        Maharashtra    (c)        Chhattisgarh    (d)        Odisha

Q70.    Kuchipudi is a popular dance of which state?

(a)        Maharashtra    (b)        Himachal Pradesh

(c) Andhra Pradesh           (d)  Odisha

Q71.    Which of the following is the longest epic of the world?

(a)        Ramayana      (b)        Geet Govind   (c)        Panchatantra  (d)        Mahabharata

Q72.    The famous Sun Temple is located at?

 (a)        Maharashtra    (b)        Himachal Pradesh (c) Chhattisgarh (d)            Odisha

Q73.    The First Nobel Peace Prize was awarded in?

(a)        1901    (b)        1904                            (c)        1906                (d)        1905   

Q74.    When did Indian space programme begin?

(a)        1965                (b)        1962                (c)        1975                (d)        1984

Q75.    India’s independent navigational satellite system is?

(a)        NAVIC (b)        NAVSTAR 

(c)        GLONASS   (d)        GALILEO

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2023 Best GK question and answer PPTPDF free Set 02
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